SDSU Research Foundation

  • Voice-mail, e-mail and computer systems used by SDSURF employees, Principal Investigators and Project Directors are provided solely to further SDSURF's business operations.
  • All use of these systems will be kept confidential, consistent with applicable state and federal laws. These systems and information stored therein belong to SDSURF.
  • Accounts (userid and password) created for an individual are for the use of that individual only and must NOT be shared. Use of userid and passwords in Research Foundation systems is the equivalent of a wet ink signature on paper when initiating or approving transactions. Computer users shall be liable for all activities on their assigned accounts.
  • All messages and other communications generated through and/or stored on these systems are considered business records, and individuals who use SDSU Research Foundation's computer systems should understand that information stored on these systems cannot be considered confidential or private. Moreover, unauthorized use of this system is strictly prohibited, and the SDSU Research Foundation reserves the right to monitor any activity or communication on these systems and retrieve any information stored in them.
  • Use of this system constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions in the SDSURF Information Assets Responsible Use policy and your consent for the SDSU Research Foundation to access or monitor any activity on these systems at any time.